Improve Your Contours through Laser Liposuction Procedure


A well shaped and structured body figure is every human’s dream as the society demands the human to have a physique with standard features. Irrespective of gender, anyone who does not fulfill the standards set by the society is looked down upon and is subjected to body shaming. A fat guy or girl is equally humiliated and oppressed as much as an underweight human being. Only a few bold and brave obese people can get over the comments levied by the people around him. The other bunch finds it difficult to overcome the degradation of the public and in a way become emotionally downtrodden.

Of course, many of them resort to dieting and regular exercises so that they can shed those extra pounds clearly visible on their body. Unfortunately, not all of the obese can eliminate fat in this way. They have to go for either a surgical liposuction or a non-surgical liposuction for reducing the weight. Out of the many liposuction procedures available, laser liposuction is considered the best. Laser liposuction in India is offered by only a handful of hospitals. Ojas Aesthetic specialized in laser liposuction in Hyderabad is one among them.

Do you know what Laser Liposuction is?

In simple terms, laser liposuction helps to remove the persistent fat content in the body. All the fat cells get melted, the unwanted fat cells get burnt out in a way, and the skin gets tightened through this procedure. Thus, reduction of the size of the male breasts, sagging arms, bulges on the sides of thighs are effectively done.

Benefits of Laser Liposuction

  • Speedy recovery
  • Tightening of the skin
  • Elimination of stubborn fat
  • Long-lasting desired outcome
  • Easy procedure
  • Minimally invasive and less pain
  • High level of convenience
  • Very less swelling and bruising

Laser Liposuction is too Simple

The surgeon will give a local anesthesia to the part of the body where the liposuction has to be done. Very smaller incisions are made over there. The narrow laser probe is then put inside the incisions for a reason that the fat cells could be easily ruptured. And the blood vessels that are surrounded get in contact with laser naturally and thus excess bleeding is in a way avoided. The production of collagen is very much stimulated and the surface of the skin is tightened too.

The whole Laser Liposuction procedure completes in less than two hours and very easier than traditional liposuctions. Now, do you understand that non-surgical liposuction in India is a cake-walk and is meant for non-celebrities too? Aren’t you up for coming to Ojas Aesthetic for a liposuction in Hyderabad? Dr.V.K. Srinagesh and Dr. V. Sitalakshmi welcome you here with the latest range of scientifically advanced technologies and cosmetic treatments. They are the best in laser liposuction in Hyderabad.

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