Are Varicose Veins Troubling You So Much? - Here Is The Best Solution


How many of you are willing to proclaim to the whole world that your health is your pride? Not many of us. We all know very well about our health issues even though we look quite smart and beautiful outside. And yes, one’s health cannot be evaluated by the standards of beauty he possesses or his outer appearance. Because outer appearance is so much deceptive these days as there are cosmetic surgeries and beauty boost up techniques are in line everywhere. It is women who always resort to such mechanisms and at the same time, they are the ones who keep lacking from quality health. Also, there are a set of diseases quite common among women than men. Varicose veins are one among them as it is hardly found in males. Obesity, age, pregnancy issues etc are a few causes of varicose veins. It is a health condition where the veins of the legs are slightly protruded or bulged outside so that it becomes a cosmetic issue for some women, apart from the intolerable pain it gives. Ojas Aesthetic Clinic under the guidance of Dr. V.K. Srinagesh, a Cosmetic Surgeon, and Dr. V. Sitalakshmi, a Dermatologist are professional and trained enough to offer a plethora of quality services and treatments to whomsoever approach them. The world-class facilities of Ojas Aesthetic Clinic are irreplaceable too.

What are the Treatments?

There are many options for people suffering from severe varicose veins such as Sclerotherapy, High ligation and vein stripping, Ambulatory phlebectomy and Endoscopic vein surgery. At the same time, it is advised to take up laser treatment for varicose vein. The heat that comes from the laser can damage the vein to a certain extent causing a scar tissue to be formed. And, this tissue helps to destruct the vein so that the source of blood can be put to an end. Plus the same vanishes in course of time.

There are two types of laser treatment

Simple Laser Treatment

The spider veins and extremely small varicose veins found on the exterior part of the skin are treated through this. First of all, through radiofrequency and sclerotherapy, these tiny veins are ruined. And then laser passes through them. It might take nearly 6 to 12 weeks to carry out this process.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

The larger varicose veins are targeted here. Through a Catheter, the laser is passed into the vein that has to be destroyed and a duplex ultrasound screen is used by the doctor to view the process. But the treatment has to be carried out only after a general anesthesia is given. This is less time consuming and not so costly.

How to Prevent Varicose Veins?

Prevention of varicose veins is not an easy task. So to stop the clotting of blood in veins, the only remedy is to improve the blood circulation to the normal level. Being on a healthy diet, engaging in physical exercises, restricting wearing high heel wedges are a few ways to tackle the issue.

Most of us tend to ignore this condition of varicose veins believing that it is not a serious concern. This misconception has to be put to and because varicose veins are dangerous and may pose threat to one’s life.

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