Laser for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles

Wrinkles and stretch marks have become a universal problem nowadays with majority of people getting affected by them. Due to various reasons and conditions, women of all ages are getting stretch marks if not wrinkles. With older women or even women who have reached the age of her forties, wrinkles have become a must. These wrinkles and stretch marks occur due to various reasons. If the person undergoes a sudden process of weight gain or is in her pregnancy period, then stretch marks can appear. Now laser treatment is the best for anyone who is looking for a solution in this case.

Why do stretch marks occur?

There are many reasons as to why stretch marks and wrinkles occur, like during puberty of a person or during the pregnancy period. Other reasons can be quick weight gain or hormonal imbalance due to various other reasons or even due to certain medications taken by the respective person. Now what happens in reality is that for all the above mentioned reasons and causes, the skin gets stretched and deep inside the skin, the support that is present of the structure gets affected and it gets altered. And finally it causes difference in collagen and elastin. Due to this very reason, the stretch marks occur, initially appearing pink in colour. They are the newer stretch marks known as striae rubra. With time these stretch marks develops a white colour. These are the older stretch marks known as striae  alba. All these stretch marks are generally seen in the regions of hips, breasts, thighs etc. Now laser treatment is something that can ride one off of all these problems.

How can laser treatment treat stretch marks?

There are two different types of laser treatment as a solution of these. The laser treatment helps to reduce the visibility of these marks by inducing the process of remodelling of the collagen substance under the layers of skin so that the colour of these marks will fade and so that they might also infuse with the texture of the skin. At our clinic, we take help of the best doctors and of the best medication to help solve these problems of the patients. We take extra care to know each patient’s body type and only then do we I fuse treatment in them for best results. We, in our clinic, make sure to look after and to take care of each and every need of our patients and their health for the best possible treatment. Through the different techniques and methods of treatment mentioned above, we try to blend in the pink and white colours of these stretch marks and the wrinkle with the original texture and colour of the patient’s skin tone so that they might not be visible henceforth. This we do through our various advanced technology by trying to develop and regrow the amount of collagen in the deep layers of the patient’s skin.

Thus at our clinic, we make sure that proper certified medication and treatment methods are undertaken in the supervision of the best doctors which will help the patients to get rid of these wrinkles and stretch marks forever.

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