Botox Treatment

Are you fed up with those wrinkles on your skin? Then go for Botox treatments and walk around wrinkle-free. Botox is a chemical treatment for the skin which can remove the wrinkles completely and also treat certain other muscular conditions. This is achieved by paralyzing the muscles for a short period of time.

Botox Treatment In Hyderabad

What Is Botox?

Botox is derived from the bacterium, Clostridium botulinum, which is the main causative agent for food poisoning. Some other problems that can be treated with the help of Botox injections other than wrinkle reduction are hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, cervical dystonia or repetitive neck spasms and also correct the lazy eye effect. Those who suffer from the problem of incontinence can also get relief with Botox injections as they can effectively treat an overactive bladder. Even those who suffer from chronic headaches can get their remedy with Botox usage.

What Is The Procedure For Applying Botox?

Botox is administered with the help of injections and is given directly into the muscles. These injections should be given only by a person who is trained. The minimum difference between the application of Botox should be three months. If you want to apply the injection to more than one portion of your body then you can do that. The toxin is given after diluting it in saline. After dilution, it is injected into the neuromuscular tissue of the region you want to treat. But the effect is not instant. It will take approximately 24-72 hours for the injection to show its effect. However, it may even take 5 days at times.

How Does Botox Work?

The main reason why Botox can treat wrinkles is that it targets the muscles that lie beneath the wrinkled skin. You may not know that when you frown or squint or make any other facial expression, a special neurotransmitter chemical is released by your nerves. This chemical is known as acetylcholine. The function of this chemical is to bind with the muscle receptors and thus bringing about their contraction. Here is where the Botox injections work. They bind to these receptors and thus prevent the transmission process. But when you are administered with Botox, messages will still be sent to the muscles by your nerves for contraction and even acetylcholine will be released but it will not be able to bind itself with the muscles. This, in turn, will reduce muscle activity and thus wrinkle formation will be reduced temporarily.

How Long Will The Effect Of Botox Treatment Stay?

The time for which the treatment will last vary from person to person and it depends on various factors. Your age is one of those determining characters. The skin condition of the patient is also one of the important factors which will determine the longevity of the effect. Some other factors include the face structure, diet and results of any past Botox treatments.

With Botox treatment, you will see a visible reduction in all the wrinkles and you will feel rejuvenated. So if you want your youthful skin back, then Botox is one of the best ways in which you can.

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