Filler Injections

Filler Injections In Hyderabad

Filler injections are used to rejuvenate the facial skin by an elimination of raising scars, wrinkles, and enhance lips by developing soft tissue augmentation. As we grow older and older, exposure to sun and many years of muscle activities such as chewing, smiling and squinting contribute to a more susceptible breakdown of the tissue causing wrinkles and sagging. Filler injections are able to offer you a more juvenile look at a very low cost in comparison with that of the traditional facelift procedure.

What filler injections are used to fix?

Filler injections are used to fix various concerns that associated with facial aging including:

  • Add volume and smooth out nasolabial folds or laugh lines that run from the nose-side to the mouth-side.
  • Cushioning and rounding the lips with unwrinkled the vertical lines around the border of the lips.
  • Augment the skin of cheeks that restore the youthful shape manifesting a juvenile fullness.
  • Fill the hollow shapes or depressions under the eye area.
  • Make the indented scars from chicken pox or acne smoother with its surrounding skin.
  • Increase the masses to fill the gaunt in the lower cheek which often happens due to fat pads shifted below the layer of the skin.

How do filler injections work?

Injection fillers are naturally derived or chemically synthesized material that injected straight into the skin in order to plump the area of wrinkle, fold or depression is taken place. Effect of filler injection, depending on its type can last ranging from 6 months to two years. The effect of semi-permanent and permanent filler injections can remain up to five years even more.

What are the types of filler injections?

Primarily, there are two kinds of filler injections: natural and synthetic.

Natural filler injection

Naturally extracted filler widely familiar as hyaluronic acid have much lower risk of occasional allergic reaction but reactions can happen. Immediate results are obtained and the lasting period can range from 3 months to 18 months, exceptionally extend up to two years. Once the filler begins to dissipate, you need more filler injections to continue the result. Generally, patients who opted for natural filler injection, require follow-up filler within the year.

Synthetic filler injection

Synthetic fillers can serve much longer comparing natural fillers. Synthetic fillers are treated semi-permanent, though some say it last lifelong because the fillers don’t really disappear. Wrinkles may get back because your face is continuously aging and exposure to the sun might lax protection of sunscreen daily. Synthetic filler injections have also some risk like natural filler injections but the only difference is the effect of synthetic filler is permanent; the problem arises also permanent in nature and tough to rectify.

When to get filler injections?

You may have every reason to take filler injection to rectify aging signs that are beyond the ability of skin care products to correct. But the factors like sun, gravity, age, continuous muscle movement, fat loss are not manageable by only skin care product to give you an attractive and youthful appearance. So without any hesitation, your next step should be to discuss your dermatologist to figure out the type of filler injection is best for you.

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