Microdermabrasion Treatment In Hyderabad, India

Facial skin manifests a multitude of skin problems that may be anything from acne scar, fine lines and wrinkles, ageing skin, dull and tired skin, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and blemishes, and also stretch marks. Maybe you are tired of thinking about one of those problems that you have which results feeling annoyed and getting irritation at your weird appearance in the office, party and etc. The nightmare of your facial appearances that have come from those problems is going to come to an end with the advent of amazing microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion, unlike dermabrasion, is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment procedure that exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dry and dead skin cells.

What is microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that can buff and polish the skin. Your dermatologist will use a handset to apply the stream of crystal on the specific target zone for treatment. The machine applies a stream of non-allergenic fine crystals or diamonds tip to exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. The handset used in the process has a suction to take off the skin debris and crystal to show your new and shiny complexion. This cosmetic procedure is non-invasive and chemical free yet achieves great results manifesting healthier and younger look from the very beginning of the treatment.

How does microdermabrasion work?
Microdermabrasion is a simple procedure that can be performed in two ways. These procedures are available in the clinic of a dermatologist and as well as at a spa. But, before visiting a spa, you should consult with a dermatologist for precautions. Following are the procedures:

Crystal microdermabrasion
This is one of the oldest procedures of dermabrasion that derived from sandblasting by using aluminum dioxide microcrystal. This sand like microcrystal of aluminum dioxide when sprayed on the treatment area, removes dry and dead cells from the uppermost layer of the skin. Crystal structure of aluminum dioxide is a very reactive agent to the skin and may cause irritation to the treatment zone of mouth and nose. So, the first priority immediately after treatment is to vacuum the traces of such corundum agent. The result of this treatment is excellent when it is applied regularly for a specified time as prescribed by your dermatologist.

Diamond Microdermabrasion
It is the most modern technology that uses a motorized exfoliating machine, the tip of which is covered with tiny diamond particles. In this process, the motorized brush is rubbed on the skin of the treatment area slowly and vacuuming the dry and dead cells from there. The diamond microdermabrasion simultaneously works to stimulate collagen and elastin for a shiny skin complexion.

What to expect after microdermabrasion?
In this procedure, the skin is stretched to provide a little tension in order to get the most effective abrasion and vacuum of skin debris. This may result in a mild pinkness of the skin which is resolved within minutes to hours by repeated application of moisture or ointment as prescribed by the dermatologist. Patients may also feel a sensation of sunburn for few days following the treatment and prescribed to use sunscreen to protect photosensitivity.

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