Arm Reduction

Reducing weight from your body is always challenging. Keeping aside the usual exercise, diet and a whole lot of cardio, which ultimately is a struggle in itself, the aftereffects of this weight loss is at certain times crucial. Losing unnecessary fat is of course necessary, but you should also be prepared for the side effects that follow the weight loss. More usual than not, loose skin is the byproduct of losing a considerable volume of fat from your body. Associated loose skin brings unnecessary trouble for you. Apart from the fact that it causes a sense of low self-confidence within you, it is also not appealing. However, there are methods to deal with it. The areas that generally remain uncovered by your clothes, like your arms, thighs, chin, etc. the sagging skin becomes a nuisance. You can opt for a skin lift at those targeted area to deal with the deformity at hand.

Arm Reduction Surgery & Its Detection

It is to this category that an arm lift falls. An arm lift or an arm reduction or a brachioplasty is a procedure to surgically remove and reduce the excess skin from the part of your arm. It reduces the appearance of excess sagging skin that droops downward from your arm. An arm reduction will tighten and smoothen out the underlying tissue that supports and defines or contours the shape of the arm. This surgery also reduces pockets of localized fats in the upper arm region.

Not only weight loss, but there are a number of reason for which a patient can seek for an arm reduction surgery. Our skin tends to get loose with age, and even in a number of cases, due to heredity. This drooping or sagging appearance of the skin cannot be tightened with the help of exercise. They can only be subtracted using surgery.  You can self-diagnose whether you need this procedure or not by two simple steps:

Raise your hand horizontally at 90 degrees.

If the skin of your upper arm droops or sags down towards the floor, then you probably need a brachioplasty or arm reduction surgery.

However, before going under the knife, you must consult an experienced plastic-surgeon about your condition and the necessity and the effect if the procedure in your case.

Procedure and Recovery

An arm lift may take around two hours to operate. The duration of the procedure will depend on the amount of skin being removed. The surgeon makes a deep incision from your elbow to the armpit. The depth and the invasiveness of the incision will depend on your physical condition. Talk with your doctor before the surgery in details. Excess amount of fat and skin are removed and then the remaining skin is lifted to give the appearance of a tight, smooth skin.

The recovery from this procedure is quite fast. You need to stay in the hospital for a day and the whole recovery will take around one to two weeks. After a discomforting first week, you can return to your normal life from the second week.

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