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If you are heavily obese, traditional routine exercise and diet-control is the best option to slim down and tone yourself to move for a beach session. Apart from this conventional method, there are many technologically advanced other options on the block. More particularly, obese people who are unresponsive to exercise and diet can effectively opt to eliminate excess fat and skin by means of sculpting techniques used in body contouring.

 Body Contouring In Hyderabad

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a process that changes the shape of the body. It involves a mechanism that removes or lessens additional fat and sagging skin that prevails earlier to an obese person and can lose a noticeable amount of weight. Body contouring helps to reduce fat of different part of the body including upper arm, thighs, chest, and torso.

How is body contouring useful?

When you lose body weight, particularly a considerable amount over 100 lbs, you may possess a sagging skin which may regain the stubborn fat layer frustrating your goal of weight loss. The special body contouring surgical method removes your additional sagging skin and fat to improve the support tissue underlying the skin. In fact, body contouring is the final step to achieve the vision of an extremely obese patient.

The most useful procedure of body contour is the lower body lift including outer thighs, tummy, and area around the midsection. Other choices are upper body lift which includes inner thighs, arms, breast and back and the face and neck. Some of the surgery can be lengthy. So it is better to choose a new approach which includes a team of surgeons undergoes the incision process simultaneously on a single patient. This process will reduce the time required under the anesthetist consequently speed up the recovery process. Not only that, it will act as a multi-procedure involving one or more body part at a time.

Body contouring; ultimately give a new approach to your professional life that helps to move your career forward and you will be more likely a strong motivator to engage people of your community.

What are the procedures for the body contouring?

The procedures of the surgery may be discussed and guided by your surgeon who includes the following:

  • Lower body lift — to correct the buttocks, outer thighs, groin, abdomen and sagging thereof
  • Thigh lift — to correct the outer, mid, inner thigh and sagging thereof
  • Arm lift — to correct the upper arms and sagging thereof
  • Breast lift — to correct flattened breast and sagging thereof

Steps followed during body contouring surgery are:

  • Anesthesia — your surgeon will decide the timing for operative process and choice of anesthesia required which may include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.
  • The incision — it is a lengthy process and depends on the portion of the fat and skin will be removed. Surgery for body contouring is generally made in phase manner to achieve perfect body shape and is programmed by your surgeon.

Who are the best candidates for body contouring?

It all depends on your genetics, age, and weight distribution over the body, assessment of the portion to be considered for surgical necessity. More importantly, it depends on you, how you are feeling standing before a mirror. If you find unhappy with your obese body shape, you are a fit candidate for body contouring surgery and consult your surgeon.

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