Butt Reduction

Butt reduction is a procedure that is opted by both males and females. In simpler terms it is what the term indicates, reduction of the size of the butt. This often includes removal of excess fat from the buttocks and even reshaping it to obtain desired proportion and shape. It is the sculpting of the buttocks and if you are opting for this procedure then always look for an experienced plastic surgeon who has a remarkable knowledge of the proportions and an artistic eye teamed up with a sense of the 3-dimensional appearance. Cosmetic surgeons who have studied sculpting and figure drawing are the appropriate choice as they have a keen knowledge in the classical and contemporary ideals of male and female beauty that enhances the surgeon’s skills. Liposuction and Micro Fat Grafting are the two main procedures that are employed for butt reduction.

Who Can Have A Butt Reduction?

Cosmetic surgery around your buttocks involves various procedures, so when you visit your plastic surgeon make sure to discuss your goals to every last detail. What needs to stressed is the length to which you want your butts to be reduced. When you are discussing your procedure the surgeon will ask you about your health history, as this evaluation will guide him/her with the procedure that will be performed on you. Those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, poor circulation of blood, poor heart condition, any liver or lung disease will require further treatment before the procedure could be performed. So be prepared with your tests and medical reports. Candidates who smoke or have a family history of blood clots or consume cardiac medicines are generally termed high risk patients for complications and they are often suggested other treatment options.

However, generically speaking, anyone whose buttocks are disproportionate to their body, either due to genetics, abnormal weight gain, pregnancy or maybe a prior wrong butt enhancement procedure are considered for a butt reduction surgery.

Procedures of Butt Reduction

The most common and the widely practiced procedure for butt reduction is liposuction. Most plastic surgeons are experienced to handle different liposuction techniques. Liposuction has emerged as one of the most sought after fat reduction procedure thanks to its less invasive surgery mechanisms. This allows a quicker recovery time and cuts down on the complications. There are a number of liposuction techniques applied by a cosmetic surgeon. They mostly include,

  • Tumescent liposuction
  • Power assisted liposuction
  • Laser or ultrasound assisted liposuction

Which of these techniques will apply to your condition is suggested by the plastic surgeon after thorough evaluation of the condition.

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon aims to remove excess fat or butt implants from your buttocks. Fat is generally removed with the help of some form of suction. Using a cannula the fat is removed from the underlying skin. Cannula is a thin hollow tube attached to a specialized vacuum-powered equipment. This machine when inserted below the upper lining of the skin, sucks out the fat and/or loosens the fat. This is a layman’s description of the procedure. Consult your doctor for more details about buttock shaping surgery.


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