Cryosurgery In Hyderabad

If you have any abnormal tumors or tissue developing in any part of your body, then cryosurgery can be of real help. This procedure is aimed at usage of extreme temperatures to destroy the tumors and thus, save you from cancer. This treatment is very useful for the conditions in which the patient suffers from precancerous lesions.

What Problems Can be Treated by Cryosurgery?
There are several problems that can be treated with the help of cryosurgery. This includes both precancerous as well as cancerous problems. Read on to find about the details.

  • Several tumors, both cancerous and precancerous, can be treated with the help of cryosurgery.
  • There is a condition known by the name of retinoblastoma. This is a typical condition that results in the childhood phase and is a type of cancer of the retina. Cryosurgery can be helpful in case of retinoblastoma provided that the condition is detected at an early stage and the cancerous growth is limited only to a certain area of the retina.
  • Some skin cancers can also be treated with the help of cryosurgery but again they can be treated only if they are at an initial stage. However, both squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas can be treated with cryosurgery.
  • The cervix also faces some precancerous conditions which can be treated with the help of cryosurgery.

What are the Preparations that you Should Take Before Cryosurgery?
Like all other treatment procedures, there are certain steps that you must follow before you undertake a cryosurgery treatment. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • If you are undergoing cryosurgery which involves treatment of an internal organ, then most of the preparatory steps for the treatment procedure remains similar to those of the traditional procedure.
  • Usually, the patients are asked not to eat anything for 12 hours before the surgery if cryosurgery is being done on any internal organ.
  • If you are allergic to any substance, no matter how negligible it is, you must tell your doctor beforehand to avoid any complications later on.
  • If you take any regular medications then you must also let your doctor know about them from beforehand.
  • Follow every step that your doctor asks you to before the surgery.

What are the Procedural Steps for Cryosurgery?
The steps in which the cryosurgery is performed is enumerated below:

  • Firstly, liquid nitrogen will be applied to your skin by your doctor with the help of a cotton swab.
  • The doctor might also give you a numbing medicine so that you don’t face any pain or discomfort.
  • A scope will be used by your doctor which can be fixed in the separate openings of your body in case any internal organ is being operated.
  • Then, the liquid nitrogen will be applied to those regions under the surgical procedure. Your cells will slowly freeze and gradually die away and be absorbed in your own skin.
  • Ultrasound imaging equipments are usually used by doctor to guide them during the entire procedure.

So, even if you are suffering from a cancerous growth of cell, no need to worry as cryosurgery can treat it if detected at the appropriate time.

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