Ear Surgery

Everyone doesn’t have the same proportion in their body parts and that is what separates one man from the other. But sometimes, the proportions become way too weird and you just wish that you could alter it in order to get a perfect appearance. That is what otoplasty or ear surgery does. Otoplasty aims at improving the contours of the ear, its position and its shape so that you get an enhanced overall appearance and thus a boosted self confidence.

Ear Surgery In Hyderabad

When Can You Opt for Ear Surgery?

Now the conditions in which you can opt for ear surgery or otoplasty are listed below:

  • If you have ears that are too big or make themselves unusually visible giving you an awkward look, otoplasty can help improve your appearance. This condition in which people tend to have ears bigger than the normal size is termed as macrotia.
  • If you have ears that are too much protruding, then too otoplasty can help you out. Although, the protruding character of ears has nothing to do with hearing loss and so otoplasty cannot treat your hearing loss problems.
  • If you are dissatisfied with a previous ear surgery, then too you can go for another one to improve the appearance of your ears.

How Will You Know Whether You Are A Good Candidate For Ear Surgery?

To know whether you are a good candidate for ear surgery or not then check the following points below:

  • You should have a proper overall health.
  • You should not have any hidden or untreated infections in your ear.
  • If you are taking your child for an otoplasty, then you must make sure than your child is at least of five years of age and their ear cartilage must be developed enough to undergo a surgical procedure. The child must also be able to communicate how they are feeling or whether they are facing any discomfort. The child should also be able to cooperate with the doctors.
  • You must be a nonsmoker.
  • You should not have any life threatening health conditions that can hamper your healing process or cause any obstruction in the surgical process.
  • You must have a positive outlook and realistic expectations when it comes to cosmetic surgeries.

How is an Otoplasty Done?

The procedural steps of otoplasty are listed below:

  • An anesthetic is a must. The doctor will suggest the best type of anesthetic for you. It can be either a general anesthetic or an intravenous sedation.
  • Incisions will be made according to your needs. If you have protruding ears, the incisions will be made in order to extend the antihelical fold and at the same time decrease the enlarged conchal cartilage. Then, the newly shaped cartilages are placed in position with the help of sutures.
  • Then, external stitches are made in order to close the incisions.

When you have completely healed, you will be able to see the results for yourself and get back your lost confidence with the help of your enhanced outlook.

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