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Are you fed up with that extra flab of skin in your tummy? Have you already starved yourself and yet not got the desired results? Then don’t take any more stress and go for abdominoplasty. This surgery can not only remove that extra flabbiness but also has the capability of giving you a firmer skin by restoring the weakened and damaged muscles. If you are thinking why not go for liposuction Surgery (Tummy Reduction Surgery) instead of this, then you must not have known the major difference between these two and that is in liposuction there is no way in which you can firm up that shrunken skin after surgery but abdominoplasty is an all-in-one procedure.

Liposuction tummy tuck Hyderabad 

Who Are Eligible To Undergo Tummytuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)?
It is true that abdominoplasty can be used to lose fat but don’t keep unusually high hopes as this surgery is best for patients who have a moderate body weight and are also in a stable health condition. It is also advised that you should not be in the habit of smoking. Well, sometimes a bit of liposuction is performed before abdominoplasty but it is not entirely liposuction. So it works out best for patients who want to tighten their loose folds of tummy especially in women after one or more pregnancies. The tummy tuck surgery is also effective if you are slightly obese and want to get in shape.

What Are The Various Types of  Tummytuck Surgery ?
There are three types of abdominoplasty and each of them is described below –

Complete Abdominoplasty
The complete abdominoplasty is meant for those patients who aim for maximum correction. The incision that is made is also wide and ranges from one side of the hip bone to the other side.

Partial Abdominoplasty
The partial surgeries are conducted in those cases when the fat is located beneath the navel. The partial surgery is sometimes done in the presence of an endoscope.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty
As the name suggests, this surgery is done around the circumference of the body, that is, at the back and also at the front. This surgery is very effective in getting a perfect body shape as it can remove fat and tighten the skin both at the back and at the front portion of the body.

What Measures Can You Take Before Tummytuck Surgery ?

Doctors strictly advise stopping the intake of any form of nicotine before abdominoplasty. Smoking should be completely stopped from at least a month before the surgery. You must also make sure that you are taking all the necessary nutrients in the right amounts. If you don’t have your nutrients in enough quantities then you would not be able to recover from the surgery soon. You must also speak to your surgeon about all forms of medications that you take because sometimes many medications need to be stopped before the surgery.

Abdominoplasty can not only enhance your overall look but also make you look younger by removing all that sagging. You will instantly get a better posture as well as a toned abdomen.

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