Belt Lipectomy

It is necessary that to remain or to stay healthy we must reduce all the excess fat from our body. It is obviously a healthy step taken by you to bring your life to a safe-track. However, you often forget that losing fat from your body comes with one crucial after effect – flabby skin. It is a choice to compromise on your health and remain fat in order to avoid flabby skin, but that is certainly a poor choice. As compromising your health for some physical attribute is not the right way to go. But how to tackle this problem of flabby skin? There are ways: a number of plastic surgeries have been made available and have become quite popular. These help you to remove the excess sagging and drooping skin from your body by adopting less invasive surgical procedures. One such popular procedure is the belt lipectomy.

What is Belt Lipectomy?

Belt lipectomy also known as the truncal body lift is a complete circumferential or all-around removal of sagging and drooping skin and fat from the waist or the belt line of the patient. It is an elaborative process of tummy tuck that goes all around the waist, front to back and front, removing and treating the loose “love handles” the lower back and the abdomen in the front. There is a particular advantage to this procedure, as the flab of the skin above the buttocks are treated, the buttocks, automatically, appears lifted and plumped. In many a cases the fat accumulated from other part of the waist is used to enhance the buttocks in this one procedure, which allows them to appear full, youthful and gives them a more projecting shape.

The Procedure & the Steps of Belt Lipectomy

A belt lipectomy does involve an extensive procedure. It is majorly an invasive surgery and you must go through each detail with your plastic surgeon before going under the anesthesia. Many a surgeons have divided this procedure into a number of smaller operations, to avoid complications, as it is quite known for its wound related complications that can hamper the health of the patient. So a number of opinions and advice is often encouraged before actually accepting the suggestion.

This 360 degree surgical procedure also involves a number of additional lifts. One has already been discussed and the others include an inner thigh or medial thigh lift, an upper thigh lift, lower abdomen lift and as stated, a butt lift. This procedure is more common in patients who have lost a large amount of weight and as a result the skin around the waist line hangs, creating an unimpressive body image and a low self-confidence.

These operations, when done at one go, generally takes around five to eight hours to complete. The surgery begins with the patient in the prone position, belly down, and the patient can only be turned when the buttocks and the lower back surgery is completed. Once turned, the stomach and the abdominal area are operated to remove the loose skin and to complete the belt lipectomy. Postoperative care is crucial for this procedure.


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