Breast Augmentation

A very common desire of a woman is to have a beautiful and proportionate body measurement that would mesmerize the world. But very often, we find an asymmetric and disproportionate body shape that devastates the self-esteem. Breast Enlargement (Augmentation Mammoplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can fulfill your dream in real life improving your breast making them long-lasting and effective to achieve your desired body shape.

Breast Augmentation in Hyderabad

What is Breast Enlargement (Augmentation Mammoplasty)?

Breast Enlargement (Augmentation Mammoplasty) also known as Breast Augmentation refers to one of the invasive cosmetic surgeries that are performed to enhance or restore the size or volume of the breasts which are more proportionate to the body measurements. This is typically executed applying artificial implants made of silicone gel or sterile saline-filled ones. Another aesthetic cosmetic surgery is fat transfer from other parts of the body to the breasts. Breast enlargement cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular and frequently used procedures that helped numerous women to develop their proportionate breast volume and shape and increased their self-esteem and boost their confidence significantly.

Who is a good candidate for Breast Enlargement?

Following are the common reasons as to why women need to undergo breast enlargement cosmetic surgery:

  • Growth of breast is too small or very negligible growth in comparison with the body
  • Self-consciousness to use swimwear or low-cut and fitting tops
  • Disability to match clothes that fit the hip and the breast appropriately
  • Drooping or sagging breast after childbirth
  • Significant weight loss caused smaller breast also affected the shape
  • Asymmetrical one breast in comparison with that of other breast resulting one breast is different in size and shape with that of another breast

These conditions are treated as an ideal for breast enlargement if your general health condition is good.

What types of implants are used in Breast Enlargement?

The specialist Cosmetic Surgeon will advise you as regards the types of implants that suit you for breast enlargement. However, commonly practiced different types of breast enlargements are:

Silicone Breast Implant

This implant is filled with silicone gel that planned to a mimic feeling of fat results a natural appearance. This implant doesn’t sag if it leaks anyway.

Saline Breast Implant

This implant is filled with a special sterile saline solution that resembles the natural shape of breast tissue and as well as natural softness. In this implant, if the solution leaks anyway, it seeps out of the implant shell and finally absorbed by the body.

Gummy Breast Implant

A special gel which is thicker than the silicone gel is used in the implant shell to maintain the shape of firm and feeling of natural breast tissue.

How is the Breast Enlargement surgery performed?

The specialist cosmetic surgeon will administer general anesthesia prior to the surgery in order to resist pain and discomfort during the procedure. In the next step, the surgeon will make an incision either beneath the breast or around the nipple to access inside the breast depending on the type of implant used. The surgeon then Lifts the Breast tissues, make a pocket and place the implant there.
So, if you want an attractive body, breast enlargement can help you achieve that.

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