Breast Lift

Beautiful breasts are not meant for its size but its aesthetic beauty. An efficient cosmetic surgeon can give a proportionate shape and create an aesthetic beauty using techniques designed to address a woman’s unique desires. Breast lift (Mastopexy) approaches uneven and sagging breasts, reduced breast volume, drooping nipples and its stretched areolas (the darker area around the nipples), recreating a juvenile shape and lift the breasts.

What is breast lift (mastopexy)?
A breast lift (mastopexy) describes reinstatement of a firmer, perkier and more aesthetically divine shape to the drooping breast. The breast lift helps a woman to reinstate juvenile appearance of her feminine with appropriate proportion as well as restores an attractive and youthful enthusiasm in bras and swimsuits that gives more comfort in appearance.

A professional cosmetic surgeon can frame a younger breast contour by eliminating excess and stretched skin. The surgeon operates to give a fresh shape of the breast tissue and raises the nipple and areola towards a forward position and creates natural looking breasts with better proportion. Areola, very often becomes enlarged which can be reduced as well during breast lift surgery. In case, the volume of the breast is too little or too much, a breast enlargement or reduction might be suggested in addition to the breast lift. This can be accomplished through the same incision. While the breast lifting surgery is performing, a simultaneous addition of the breast implant will surely improve the fullness of the upper part of the breast adding a cleavage therein.

Who is a perfect candidate for the breast lift?
If your discomfort increases extremely regarding your sagging breasts, you may be astonished knowing what wonder that cosmetic surgery can do. The following are the common reasons to be considered getting a breast lift (mastopexy):

  • Breasts that lack firmness and pendulous in shape but adequate in size
  • Nipples and areolas are positioned beneath the breast crease
  • Breasts that appear different in shape and size both from each other
  • Breasts are comparatively small
  • If you possess a good health and have realistic expectations, you are most likely a perfect candidate for breast lift.

What are the options for Breast lift surgery?

Breast lift cosmetic surgery has different incision option that professional surgeon will decide any of the following:
The Anchor Incision
This is the oldest technique used for the breast lift. It is done for the women having a severe degree of sagging.
The Lollipop Lift
This is done around the circumference of the areola for the women having a moderate degree of sagging.
The Donut Lift
This procedure is performed around the perimeter of the areola in conjunction with the implant for the women having a mild-to-moderate degree of sagging.

How is the breast lift performed?
Your anaesthetist will first apply anaesthesia. In the next step, your surgeon will decide the type of incision will be performed depending on the size and shape of the breast, degree of sagging, position of nipple and areola, elasticity of the skin and how much extra skin has to be removed. Then the surgeon will remove the extra skin above and beneath the areola to reshape the size and shape of the breast. Elongated areolas are rectified and scars are usually done beneath the breasts.

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