Chemical Peels

Do you want to remove all those signs from your skin that make you feel uncomfortable and reveal aging? Then chemical peels have just the right remedy for you. This technique can not only give you a glowing skin but also improve the overall appearance of it. Well if you are thinking that the list of advantages of chemical peels includes beautifying your skin only then you are completely wrong as this technique can help you with some of the stubborn skin problems like acne. Chemical peels treatment is also widely known by the name of chemexfoliation.

Chemical Peel Treatment In Hyderabad

What Are Chemical Peels?

In this technique, a special chemical solution will be applied to your skin on the specific portion where you want the treatment to be done. Then that layer is eventually peeled off thus exfoliating your skin. The effect will leave you in awe and you will love your skin more than ever before. The chemicals that are applied to your skin include trichloroacetic acid (TCA), alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) or even phenol.

What Are The Various Types Of Chemical Peels?

Superficial Peel: In this technique, a mild acid is used in place of a stronger one and exfoliation is carried out for the external skin. An acid like alpha hydroxyl acid is used in this case. It can help lessen the skin discoloration and also bring a rejuvenating effect to the hands, neck and face.
Medium Peel: In this technique, the damaged skin layers are removed with the help of an acid like trichloroacetic acid. This type of chemical peel treatment is very effective in smoothening the rough and damaged skin and can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving a younger look.
Deep Peel: In the deep peel technique, acids like trichloroacetic acid and phenol are used to moderate the appearance of fine lines and freckles.

How Can Chemical Peels Be Effective?

Chemical peels are effective in a wide array of situations. You will get rid of the acne that had been tormenting you for years. Women who are suffering from the various symptoms of aging skin also get visible results on implementing the chemical peels technique. Are you worried about those fine lines that have started appearing beneath your eyes? These are called Crow’s feet and can be reduced with the chemical peels treatment. If you have other problems like hyperpigmentation, melasma, sagging and skin damage that has resulted from the harmful rays of Sun, chemical peels can help you out with these problems too.

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

If you are worried about the safety of your skin on using chemical peels, then you need not worry about it as the technique has been approved by FDA. Moreover, it is a completely painless procedure of getting flawless skin.
With chemical peels, you don’t have to trouble yourself with the appearance of blemishes, freckles and acne. All of them will be instantly removed with just one treatment session. So if you want to get a clearer and younger looking skin in a painless way, what else is better than a chemical peel treatment?

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