Fat Injections

Fat Injection Treatment Hyderabad

Do you want to achieve a more subtle look at your buttocks and your breasts? Then fat injections are just the kind of treatment you need. A fat injection is nothing but a highly advanced fat grafting procedure and in this procedure the main aim is to transfer the fat from portions which have adequate amount of fat to the portions which need to made subtle and plump. The best thing about this procedure is that you will get completely natural looking results from it and is a long lasting method.

When Should You Go For Fat Injections?

Now if you are confused whether you need fat injections or not, you can look up these points and then cross check them with your health condition. Thus, fat injections can be taken when -

  • The facial areas appear much sunken and you have a creased appearance on your face
  • You want the contours of your body to be improved
  • You want to rejuvenate the skin of your face and hands that has started to show the signs of ageing
  • You want to revise some old scars to attain a seamlessly beautiful appearance
  • Temporary fillers cannot satisfy your needs and you need a better correction
  • You want to fill up the irregularities that resulted due to your breast reconstruction surgery
  • You want to merge or hide the symbols and signs that denote you have had breast implants

What are the Advantages of Fat Injections?

Like all other processes of plastic surgery, fat injections have their own advantages which are quite convincing. Some of them are listed below.

  • The fat injections are one of the most economical procedures when it comes to the various treatment methods to filling up your contour irregularities.
  • When fat injections are applied to the areas in need of treatment, they automatically look at least five to ten years younger.
  • The fat that is transferred from one portion of the body to another has stem cells in it and because of this, the fat injections have the capability to improve your skin texture alongside improving your skin contours. However, increase the volume is one of the major functions of the fat injections.
  • The results achieved through the fat injections are completely natural and it wouldn’t appear that you have undergone any cosmetic treatment.
  • In the busy schedule that everyone has in today’s world, procedures like fat injections are gaining more and more popularity mostly because of the minimal downtime that they have. You can in fact return home on the same day.
  • The procedure is painless and requires only local anesthesia.

How Should You Prepare For Your Fat Injections?

Your surgeon will elaborate all the steps to you. He/she will even take the pre-procedure photos. Staying hydrated at all times is a must. You also need to stop smoking and avoid a few drugs like anti-inflammatory medications that are non-steroidal and aspirin. Even homeopathic regimens need to be stopped as they might lead to bleeding.

So, if you want to get a better contour all you need to do is undergo fat injections and you can get back your lost confidence overnight.

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