Gone are the days when a ruptured hymen meant you cannot fix it at all. But now, with the help of modern technologies, even a ruptured hymen can be fixed surgically and the process if doing so is termed as hymenoplasty. In some cultures, a hymen is a symbol to proclaim a woman as pure but if you see from the scientific point of view, a hymen serves the purpose of keeping out all the infections from your vagina. In general, a hymen is considered to be a symbol of virginity but a woman’s virginity cannot be solely decided on the presence or absence of hymen as the hymen might get ruptured in other activities like running or cycling.

Hymenoplasty In Hyderabad

What is Hymenoplasty?
As it has already been stated, hymenoplasty is the process with which your hymen can be reconstructed. Basically, there are two ways in which you can stitch back your hymen. One method is applied to the condition when the remnants of the broken hymen remain and can thus be stitched back together. And in the other method, a completely new hymen is reconstructed with the help of tissues from other parts of the patient’s body.

Are You a Candidate for Hymenoplasty?
To be eligible for undergoing hymenoplasty, you do not need to fulfill too many criteria. Your hymen should have broken either due to physical stresses or sexual intercourse. The patient undergoing hymenoplasty should be at least of eighteen years of age. Your overall health must be okay and you shouldn’t be suffering from any serious illness. If you have genital cancer or some venereal diseases, the too you shouldn’t be undergoing hymenoplasty.

What is the Procedure of Hymenoplasty ( Hymen Reconstruction )?
Firstly, you will have to speak with your doctor and schedule a date on which you can discuss about the procedure and know about all the preparations that you will have to take for the surgery.

  • If your hymen has been broken in a way that there are some parts of it that are still left then you can go for the simple technique in which these parts will be stitched back together. A general anesthesia is administered to the patients to ensure that they do not feel any discomfort. The torn parts are sewn together with dissolvable threads. The surgery is an outpatient one, that is, you can return home on the same day, and takes hardly about thirty to forty minutes in total.
  • But if the remaining parts of the hymen are such that it is not possible to stitch them back, then you should opt for the alloplant technique. A biomaterial is inserted into your vagina and the tear it results acts as the hymen.
  • There is another type of hymenoplasty in which an entirely new hymen is created for the patient from the tissues that are present on the lip of the vagina. But with this method, the patient needs to withdraw from sexual intercourse for a period of at least three months.

So, if your hymen is broken but you want it back, you cans simply get it back through hymenoplasty ( Hymen Reconstruction ). To know more book an appoinment now.

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