Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery Hyderabad

If you want to rectify your dental and skeletal irregularities, then a facial bone reconstruction or an orthognathic surgery is your best option. Not only will the surgery enhance your aesthetic appearance but it will also help to maintain the symmetry of your face. With this type of surgery you can easily achieve a straight jaw and the teeth arches can also be straightened. Thus, with this surgery you can get rid of your problems of overbite as well.

When Should You Opt For Facial Bone Reconstruction ( Orthognathic Surgery ) ?

You should opt for a facial bone reconstruction in the following cases:

  • When people have the problems of an overbite, the pressure between the upper and lower jaws of teeth are not uniform which leads to increased wear and tear of teeth. This in turn also leads to many other disorders like TMJ, tooth loss and migraine.
  • When there is uneven pressure between your teeth for a long duration of time, soft tissues are damaged and the adjacent teeth become loosened. They lead to a reduced functionality and as well as a chronic pain at times.
  • When there is a misalignment of teeth, the facial muscles cannot interact the way they usually do. There is a special type of cartilage whose primary function is to act as a buffer in between the jaw bones. This cartilage is called meniscus cartilage and it sometimes gets damaged due to these misaligned movements. This results in a chronic pain.
  • If you face a difficulty in chewing and swallowing your food, then you might also choose for a facial reconstruction which will help you out.
  • With gradual degradation of teeth, the enamel covering on them also starts getting ruptured. This means that the nerves are more exposed to the outer surface. This can lead to a sharp pain in your teeth every time you eat something hot or cold.

What is the Procedure Involved in Orthognathic Surgery ?

  • Before the commencement of any particular surgery of treatment, a complete checkup in done which involves photographic investigation as well. This means several X-rays, impressions, models and radiographs are done. Only after completing the initial checkup is the line of treatment decided.
  • If you opt for a better outlook by correction spaces between your teeth, the doctors might suggest orthodontic braces.
  • A general anesthesia is given to the patient.
  • Several screws, bands and other instruments are used to bring the upper jaw in position.
  • For bringing the lower jaw into position, bone grafts are used.
  • After the surgery is completed, the doctor will advise you with some post-operative measures. You should follow these measures to recover as fast as possible. Also contact the doctor in case you feel any discomfort.

At our clinic, the most expert professionals use the best and state-of-art technologies for the process of facial bone reconstruction. The well qualified professionals present in our clinic will help you out in every way possible. Our clinic exemplifies in providing the best treatment and each patient receives the treatment according to their own condition.

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