Post Cancer Restoration

Cancer patients sometimes have to undergo a surgery in which their body parts are removed as in the case of breast cancer. But this can lead to loss of self-confidence and self-esteem in the patients. With modern medicine knowing no bounds, there is a particular surgery known as post cancer restoration with the help of which you can get back your lost organs and with it your lost confidence as well.

Why is Post Cancer Restoration Required?

As you all know cancer is a deadly disease, and when it reaches an advanced stage, adverse steps have to be taken in order to curb its growth. In cancer, there is an unchecked and anomalous growth of tissues. And in the advanced stage of cancer, this anomalous growth knows no bounds leaving the doctors no other option but to eliminate the organ that is affected. When the affected organ is removed, the spread of the disease is stopped then and there. But the removal of an organ leads to an imbalance in the appearance of the body often affecting the patient mentally. Breast cancer is one of the most common conditions in which removal of an organ, that is, the breast is required. It leads to mental trauma in more than half of the patients. But with post cancer restoration you need not worry that much, as you will be able to get back the lost proportion of your body. Thus, post cancer restoration is required to elevate the patient’s mind and make them confident about themselves.

How is Post Cancer Restoration Done?

  • In case of restoration of breast an autologous tissue reconstruction is done. This is a type of tissue flap procedure whose only aim is to restore the shape of your breasts even after their removal. These surgeries are done by taking tissues from other regions of your body and using them to rebuild the breast. The regions from the tissues are mostly taken are the abdomen, buttocks or even thighs.
  • Fat grafting is another method of post cancer restoration in which fat cells from the stomach, buttocks or thighs are taken and then used to reconstruct the portion of the body required. This helps in targeted fat reduction as well.
  • PRP treatment is another advanced method of post cancer restoration. They help in hair regrowth and you can get back your lost hair. The platelet-rich plasma of your own body is taken and injected into the scalp and then hair regrows automatically. This is a non-surgical and least invasive procedure.

What are the Different Types of Tissue Flap Techniques?

Now, tissue flap techniques are of several types some of which are:

  • DIEP or deep inferior epigastric perforator
  • TRAM or transverse rectus abdominis muscle
  • GAP or gluteal free flap
  • Latissimus dorsi flap
  • TUG or transverse upper gracilis

You will get the best post cancer restoration services at our center whereby you can gain your lost confidence. Our well qualified aesthetic surgeons are always ready to help you get better aesthetics. Our experts will choose the best treatment plan for you depending upon your requirements and affordability. Fat grafting and PRP treatment as another method for reconstruction which are far superior to the other mentioned methods but is a staged procedure.

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