Serdev Body Lift

The concept of looking good that inherited in the human being to focus self-image is an ancient dream. Almost all people have some defects in the body anatomy and everyone wants to get rid of such irregularities. Often to remove such defects, a surgical incision is a must. For example to regain the youthful appearance in the face of an aged person, a surgical facelift is done, likewise sagging breast is corrected to give a proportionate shape by a breast lift. The list, no doubt is long but the best treatment procedure is surgical. On the contrary, people do not want scar mark arising out of the surgical incision. Considering your time-tested demand with no scars, noninvasive with minimal pain and swelling but fulfilling the near perfection of the surgeries, we do use Serdev Body Lift procedures.

What is Serdev Body Lift procedure?

The name Serdev body lift derived from the name of Nikoley P Serdev, the Honorary Professor, and Director of the International University Program in Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery at the New Bulgarian University. Professor Serdev’s contribution towards the scar-less closed approach suture technique to lift SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) and fascias with no conventional incisions opened new direction to the cosmetic surgery. Operations are ambulatory and need not require staying in the hospital. The breakthrough techniques comprise passing closed sutures, using a needle for perforation to lift movable fascias part and fix them with non-movable skeletal structures to the facial and other body areas. Serdev body lift is globally recognized for lifting over 20 face and body areas without using any foreign bodies.

Which body parts are treated in Serdev Body Lift procedure?

Serdev body lifts procedure replaces the scar in the classical incision and is performed in the face areas such as lower and medial SMAS lifts, temporal and supra-temporal lifts. It also performs brow lifts, nose tip refinement, protruding ear corrections. This procedure enhances chin and is done without any implant. Furthermore, scar-less Serdev body lift technique is used for other body areas like buttock lift, breast lift, and inner thigh lift.

What are the benefits of Serdev Body Lift procedure over traditional surgical procedure?

Nowadays, the Serdev Body Lift procedure is much more preferred in the modern society. Closed approach suture methods have following advantages over traditional surgical procedure:

  • It is scar-less, no incision, no excision process
  • Minimally invasive and no downtime
  • It is used for beautification and rejuvenation
  • Tissue augmentation is performed only when it is needed that too using patient’s own tissue and no alternative implants
  • It can be used in aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic-reconstructive surgery
  • It maintains elastic curve and does not change the curve using pressure
  • The procedure does not cut periosteum and keeps the surface smooth
  • This minimizes trauma

In our hospital, the results of our patients are more than satisfactory. Patients are amazed watching the great difference before and after without any scar mark. Immediately after beautification and rejuvenation procedure, they are able to resume their normal activities. Thus we recommend the Serdev body lift non-invasive surgical method to solve the congenital problems in aesthetic appearance and fulfill your dreamed good look.

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