Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are totipotent having the potential to develop into different types of cells in the body during early life and growth. During cell division, each new daughter cell has the potential to either remain as a stem cell or become another more specialized cell based on the requirement in any part of the body. Stem cell therapy or SCT is a specialized treatment procedure with the help of stem cells of the body and it can treat grave diseases that are life threatening as well as the non-serious disorders.

At our clinic, the stem cell therapy is used in several types of cosmetic procedures and each of them is described below:

Breast Enhancement

Having the perfect breasts is what most women want and if you think you do not have them, there is no need to worry as our clinic has brought to you the most advanced fat grafting technique with the help of stem cell therapy that will help you achieve the perfect breasts. Moreover, the fat grafting technique will help you lose fat from other parts of your body like the stomach. This fat will be grafted onto the breast area as stem cells which will then help you increase even a full cup size and give you much fuller breasts. This will look more natural compared to the breast implants.

Facial Rejuvenation

The facial rejuvenation technique with the help of stem cells is a non-surgical procedure that can make you look considerable young. The stem cells will stimulate an increased production of collagen in your facial area. A platelet rich plasma is created which is later on injected into the cells of your face at the targeted areas. This process is advantageous for so many reasons, the most obvious ones being that it is very less invasive and reduces fat from stomach and thighs as well.

Hand Rejuvenation

The signs of ageing are not only visible on the facial regions but on the other parts of body as well. So, if you are thinking about a facial rejuvenation don’t you think it would be a wise decision to go for hand rejuvenation as well? The reason is quite simple. Your hand is visible to all at most of the times and if signs of ageing are prevalent on them then what is the used of undergoing facial rejuvenation? People will notice the wrinkles on your hand instead. So, it is better to opt for both hand and facial rejuvenation. Hand rejuvenation is similar to the procedure of facial rejuvenation with stem cell therapy.

Treating Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetes mellitus has a lot of bad effects and one of the major one is the delayed healing of wounds which leads to foot ulcers in many people. But diabetic ulcers can be treated with the help of stem cells. Both cell proliferation and an accelerated healing mechanism is seen when the patient is introduced to stem cell therapy.

So, if you are suffering from any of the conditions mentioned above, our clinic is right beside you to help you out with our advanced stem cell therapy.

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